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Driving Standards Agency

We have years of experience in teaching all types of learners from Beginners to Advanced including Instructor Training. Overseas students welcome.

Theory Test and Hazard Perception

Any help needed to complete the theory and hazard perception test is completely free of. Free loan of books and CD's if required. or you could go to - questions &   - hazard clips

Learning to drive

Training follows the Official DSA Syllabus everything from the car controls to through the town, rural and dual carriageways driving, In fact all the skills you need for your driving test and beyond.

The first thing we do is establish is when do you want to pass your test, then together we will devise a plan to achieve your goals, in the safest, most cost effective and easiest way possible.


Manual or Automatic

Manual car is the most popular choice of most learners however its not the only choice, you can train in our Automatic vehicle they are the same make and model so you can try one and change to the other at any time through your driving course.

Fast Pass - Semi intensive courses

Taylor made packages offered to get you passed your driving test. This is subject to your driving assessment to establish the numbers of hours required. If your theory test is required we will integrate training to allow things come together then slightly intensify for the drivntensify

Pass Plus

This is an additional course developed by the Driving Standards Agency and carried out by ourselves DSA registered Instructors. The aim is to improve the standards of newly qualified drivers.Pass Plus consists of 6 modules, the subjects are:

Town driving, Out of Town and Rural Roads, All Weather Driving, Night time Driving, Dual carriageway Driving and Motorway Driving  

All driving courses available

Already passed your test

It may be some time since you passed your test and you may be looking for a refresher lessons, perhaps fallen foul of the law. Lessons are offered to brush up on those driving skills and increase confidence on the road.


All vehicles used are eco-friendly and you will be shown from the beginning how to drive smoothly and safely to save wear and tear on your vehicle while saving fuel. We teach the latest eco-safe driving skills and techniques from your first lesson, they give you saving in fuel between of 12 to 14%.

Fleet Driver Assessments

All companies are required by Law to provide an Occupational Road Risk Assessment for any employees who drives on company business to reduce accidents. Its the your companies responsibility to arrange the way they assess the risk of accidents on the road.

As 95% of all road accidents are caused by human error and company vehicle drivers cover more mileage annually than the average drivers, companies and the directors can be heavily fined, prosecuted and/or serve a prison sentence where it is proved that 'duty of care' was not enforced.

Instructor Training

Instructors, would you like to have that extra edge for your check test, I trained over 14 years ago to achieve ORDIT), the Official Register Driving Instructor Trainers (we are ready to give recovery tuition or if starting from scratch I can provide advice to become a Driving Instructor.

Motorway Training

You will learn how to intelligently join, exit , overtake, in fact all aspects of safe motorway driving under the prevailing conditions at the time.


You may like to try this link opposite if you intend to insure your car to help someone get that extra practice in. 


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